Cape Point: A Place of Wonder

South Africa offers many wonderful vistas and dynamic, vibrant regions for both visitors and residents to enjoy. One such place is the Cape Point, which can be found on the South-eastern coastal region of the country, known as the Cape Peninsula. A favourite spot for visitors from Tunde Folawiyo, to world stars such as Brad Pitt, the area continues to offer much to anyone who wishes to gaze upon its scenic and inspiring views.

Tunde FolawiyoCape Point has two large peaks which end abruptly as plateaus sitting atop high cliffs, which allow for an incredible perspective of the sea horizon, etching out into the distance for thousands of miles. Surrounding this magnificent view lays the Cape Point Natural Reserve, which contains all manner of wildlife, coves, pools, valleys, birds and other animals making the entire area a must-see for wildlife enthusiasts and those who enjoy exploring rugged, yet beautiful landscapes. Trails are open to both hikers and cyclists, helping people to enjoy the area in a number of different ways over a variety of impressive routes.

The Cape itself is a registered World Heritage Site – the area is recognised at an international level as a place which is of cultural and physical importance, one which should be protected from being spoiled through negative policies or human activity. This honour is bestowed only upon regions and places which are judged to be individual, unique and without compare. With this status, the United Nations, the South African government and the local community work together to maintain the area and protect it from harm.

Known alternatively as the “Cape of Storms”, a name given to the point by Bartholomew Diaz, a famous explorer of his time, the sea around the cliffs are famous for their dangerous currents, swathes of fog, and hidden rocks beneath the surface of the water. This combination of beauty and danger is one of the most compelling aspects of the region which has lent itself to many maritime tales of adventure and mystery, an atmosphere which can be experienced by watching Tunde Folawiyo’s videos about travelling to Cape Point.

The Cape continues to inspire and captivate its visitors whether foreign or domestic with its endless views of the sea, and its adventurous rugged nature. With protection offered via the World Heritage Sites initiative, Cape Point and its wildlife should be there for future visitors to enjoy for generations to come.

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