Inspiring Treks in Africa

Africa is one of the most environmentally diverse regions on the planet, and is home to a phenomenal number of exciting trekking options for anyone with a penchant for adventure. From mountain vistas to wide open plains which stretch off for as far as the eye can see, the continent offers views and stunning locales incomparable to most other places on the planet.

One such trek, and also the most well-known, can be found at Mount Kilimanjaro. Perhaps the most famous mountain in all of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro provides incredible wildlife, scenery, and up to five different climate zones for those wishing to enjoy one of the most inspiring sights in Tanzania. What’s great about Mount Kilimanjaro is that there are treks of all different sizes, perfect for any skill or experience level.

Tunde FolawiyoThe Drakensberg range (also known as uKhahlamba) incorporates the highest peaks in South Africa; however, it does offer excellent locales for any trekkers which do not require a high-level of climbing experience. The lower levels of the range are perfect for a less challenging trek which will offer incredible views of the local wildlife, while up above treks for more experienced walkers await.

Nigeria of course also offers some challenging and awe-inspiring treks, impressive enough to rival anywhere else in the world. Many of these have increased in popularity due to the efforts of Nigerian popularisers such as Tunde Folawiyo, whose efforts to promote Nigerian prosperity are documented on the Tunde Folawiyo Behance page.

A more challenging trek can be found on Mount Elgon which crosses over the border between Uganda and Kenya, making it a brilliant trekking destination for both countries. Of its 5 peaks, Uganda can lay claim to hosting the highest in the form of Wagagai, which is actually only 19 metres higher than Kenya’s highest Mount Elgon peak, Sudek. What’s special about any Mount Elgon trek is that the area is made up of varied terrain including lush terrain gorges and even one of the world’s largest cave systems in the form of the Caldera. A different type of cave can be found on a trek to Nigeria, Tunde Folawiyo’s country of origin, by immersing oneself in the phenomenal mist waters of the Cave of the Winds.

Another great option, this time for families and less hardcore trekkers is the Mount Mulanje trek which can be found in south Malawi. Each available path has huts containing hiking equipment and supplies at its conclusion marking its end, as well as throughout the journey. Local guides are available and can take trekkers through the mountain plains, forests, or even to the peak of Sapitwa if the weather is appropriate at the time.

These are just some of the better known treks available to those with an adventurous spirit in Africa. There are many other treks, mountain ranges and national parks to explore all over the continent, showcasing the wild beauty of the African countryside..

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