Travel South Africa: Sights of Gordon’s Bay | Tunde Folawiyo

The visually stunning country of South Africa is home to a variety of world-renowned attractions. From the top of Table Mountain down to a sprawling coastline, Cape Town remains one on the African continent’s foremost tourist destinations, attracting millions of visitors every year. Gordon’s Bay, a Western Cape harbour town, remains one of Cape Town’s premiere locations, with visitors like Tunde Folawiyo and countless others travelling to the city to bask in the spectacular views of this lovely destination.Tunde Folawiyo

Located near Strand, Gordon’s Bay lies on False Bay’s northeastern corner, approximately 50 km from the city of Cape Town and south of N2 national road. The town is named after Robert Jacob Gordon, a famous Dutch explorer said to have been of Scottish descent.

The smallest of the Helderberg region’s three towns, Gordon’s Bay – originally dubbed ‘Fish Hoek’ – consists of an old village, located around the city’s old harbour and the well-known Bikini Beach. The region got its name from Helderberg Mountain.

One of the oldest parts of Gordon’s Bay plays host to the South African Navy’s own Naval College. Here, officer training centres are found adjacent to the city’s old harbour and the yacht marina. High above the harbour, a large anchor along with the letters ‘GB’ adorns the mountainside. Many believe these letters to stand for Gordon’s Bay, while others argue that it must stand for General Botha, the naval station’s original name. Also located in a mountain above town is the city’s primary drinking water supply, Steenbras Dam.

One of Gordon’s Bay’s most famous attractions is Bikini Beach. The beach is popular among students attending Cape Town’s University and neighbouring Stellenbosch University, though it is also well visited by tourists both young and old. The city of Cape Town is responsible for adequately maintaining the beach’s facilities, including public showers, toilets, changing rooms and other amenities. A security guard regularly patrols the waters and sands, lending to the safe and peaceful air surrounding this scenic town.

As the city of Cape Town remains at the forefront of South African tourism, Gordon’s Bay will ever be a major attraction for visitors to this gorgeous locale. Whether boating around the harbour or enjoying the soft sands, Tunde Folawiyo and others with an appreciation for the city of Cape Town may regard Gordon’s Bay as one of its most beloved spots.

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