Tunde Folawiyo | Traveling New York: The Smithsonian Institution

The bustling city of New York is home to a wide variety of internationally recognised museum housing some of the world’s most treasured works of art. Amongst these institutions is the highly acclaimed Smithsonian Institution housing museums and a number of research centres overseen by the U.S. government. Established during 1846, the Smithsonian was initiated for an increase of knowledge. Dubbed “the nation’s attic”, the institution holds 137 million items, a truly staggering amount. Tunde FolawiyoFrom its art and historical museums to its very own zoo, the Smithsonian continues to inspire a new generation of science lovers and art enthusiasts alike. Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others may find a fascinating tale in the rich history of the Smithsonian’s founding.

During August of 1846, President James Polk lent his signature to the legislation that would establish Smithsonian Institution a trust instrumentality of the U.S., which was to be controlled by an esteemed Board of Regents, as well as a Secretary.Years later, Charles Freer, a philanthropist from Detroit, donated much of his private collections to the famed Smithsonian, in addition to funds in order to assist in the construction of the venue. It was later named Freer Gallery and is amongst the institution’s first major contributions from a private entity. Its doors opened during 1923, kicking off a long history of fascinating galleries, exhibits and other happenings at the world famous Smithsonian.

Whilst the Smithsonian holds venues in several states throughout the United States including Maryland, Arizona, New York, Virginia and Panama amongst others, its main home remains in Washington D.C. Its nucleus includes nineteen museums, a zoo and nine research complexes – demonstrating the enormous impact of the institution upon the world of science. It is the largest complex of its kind in the world, with many of its centres dubbed historical and architectural landmarks. Annually, the Institution sees over thirty million visitors, all of whom are admitted free of charge. This funding is derived from private or corporate contributions, government support, membership dues and other revenues. Today, Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others with a love for the magnificent museums of New York may continue to enjoy the outstanding sights to be seen within the walls of the Smithsonian’s venues. From historic artifacts to modern exhibits of science, there is plenty of knowledge to be had when attending the world-famous Smithsonian Institute.

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